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What is spinning?

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The first step of textile product processing is known as spinning. It is a manufacturing process of converting textile fibers into yarns. This process uses spinneret for forming multiple continuous filaments which are then twisted together to form yarns. Different types of spinning methods are used to produce different types of yarns. The polymer which needs to be spun is first converted into a liquid state.

For thermoplastic polymers, they are directly melted while for other types of fibers, they are either dissolved in a solvent or chemically treated to form soluble or thermoplastic derivatives. Then the melted polymer is forced out of the spinneret, which results in thermoplastic filaments which are then converted into desired yarns. The main types of spinning processes are wet, dry, melt, and gel spinning. Other types of spinning methods for producing yarns are ring-spun, rotor-spun, twistless, wrap-spun and core-spun yarns.

The main steps of spinning fibers into yarns are:
• Blowroom process
• Carding
• Combining
• Drawing
• Roving
• Cone winding

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