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What are nylon chips or polyamide chips?

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Nylon chips or Polyamide chips are the main raw material which are used in textiles as well as Engineering Plastic Industries. Few of the global manufacturers of nylon chips are India, China, and Taiwan. Nylon chips are mainly of two types: Nylon 6 Chips and Nylon 6,6 Chips.

• Nylon 6 Chips: Nylon 6 chips are manufactured through the process of hydrolytic polymerization of caprolactam in the presence of dicarboxylic acids. These types of chips are mainly used for making fibers which are tough and have high tensile strength as well as elasticity. The end products made from nylon 6 are wrinkle-proof in nature and are highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Some of the applications of nylon 6 are for manufacturing carpets, tire cords, upholstery, seat belts, parachutes, ropes, industrial cords, etc.

• Nylon 6,6: Nylon 6,6 chips are manufactured through the process of polycondensation of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid. The fibers made from nylon 6,6 are mainly used for making apparel grade yarns as well as in other industrial purposes. They have high mechanical strength, great rigidity, and good stability under heat is required.

Nylon chips are available in 3 grade i.e.
• Fiber nylon chips: These are used for making Stockings, umbrella fabric, parachute fabric, airbags, curtains, carpets, etc., tire cord, conveyor belts, rope, fishing nets, fishing line, etc.
• Engineering plastic grade nylon chips: These are used for manufacturing automotive parts, gears, high-pressure pipes, etc.
• Film grade: They are used in manufacturing food packaging, pharmaceutical supplies packaging, electronic products, etc.

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