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What are the end uses of lyocell?

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Lyocell is quite a flexible fiber and has emerged to have quite a lot of application and still a lot of areas in terms of its application is yet to be explored. The full potential of Lyocell fabric is still to be exploited and has a great scope in its research. However, some of the common usages of fabric have been enlisted below.

• Apparel: Sportswear, denim, jersey and knitwear, dresses and t-shirts are made using lyocell fabric. The fabric has now substituted cotton and is often mixed with other fibers to impart greater strength properties.

• Home Textiles: Bath towels, bedsheet, pillow covers, curtain and draperies, table linen and upholstery.

• Industrial Textiles: Medical swabs and gauzes, conveyor belts and wipes have shifted towards lyocell fabric for its properties such as high moisture absorbency and tensile strength. Other application areas automotive filters, ropes, abrasive materials, bandages and protective suiting material.

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