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How much organic cotton is grown all over the world?

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According to a report published by Textile Exchange, Organic Cotton Farm & Fiber in 2018, the production of organic cotton in the world in 2017 was more than 117,000 metric tons. The farms which are growing organic cotton are spread over more than 472 hectares or 1172 acres all over the world.

In comparison to conventional global cotton production, organic cotton makes up only 0.7% which is way less. According to the Organic Cotton Market Report 2020, the growth of organic cotton is estimated to rise by 10% based on estimates made before COVID-19. The report also shows that 31% of the rise is seen in the global organic cotton production in comparison to the year 2018-2019. In the year 2018, 239,787 metric tonnes of organic cotton was produced in 418.935 hectares of land in around 19 countries by 222,134 farmers. On top of this to satisfy the increasing demand for organic cotton, more and more cotton-growing land which is around 55,833, is being converted into organic land. The report also mentioned that around 22 countries grow organic cotton among which seven countries contributed for 97 percent of the global organic production which included 51 percent from India, 17 percent from China, 10 percent from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey respectively, 5 percent from Tajikistan and 2 percent from Tanzania and the USA respectively.

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