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What are the different types of cuprammonium rayon?

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Cuprammonium rayon is known by a lot of different brand names but the material is the same in all cases. Let’s look into the different names which is given to this material:

• Cuprammonium rayon: Cuprammonium rayon is the scientific name given to the material which is formed by dissolving cotton linter in cuprammonium solution.

• Cupra/cupro: China is the world’s biggest manufacturer of cuprammonium rayon. This material is simply known as either cupra or cupro by the people working in the Chinese factories instead of the other registered brand names.

• Ammonia silk: Cuprammonium rayon is a regenerated fiber and is manufactured in factories from a blue colored solution of hydroxide tetraamine. Since ammonia is used in its production and in general ammonia is a very bad chemical for human skin. Hence, many Chinese websites refer to textiles made from this material as ammonia silk.

• Bemberg: Cuprammonium rayon is also called ‘Bemberg fiber’ because J.P. Bemberg a German company was the first company to patent the process of manufacturing rayon from cuprammonium solution. After this Shitagau Noguchi, the founder of Asahi Kasei took the innovation to Japan, after signing a formal agreement with J.P. Bemberg. In the present time, Asahi Kasei is the only manufacturer of Cupro in the world.

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