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What are the properties of microfibers?

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Microfibers are manufactured from synthetic materials. The fabric made from microfiber material is flowy, has a silk feel and is extremely comfortable. Some of the properties of microfibers are:

• Fineness: The microfibers are ultra-fine in nature and are much finer than silk fibers and human hair,
• Durability: Microfibers are made from synthetic polymers, hence they are extremely drapeable and durable.
•Feel: The surface of microfibers is very soft and has a luxurious hand with a silken or suede touch.
• Shrink resistance: Microfibers do not shrink because they are manufactured from synthetic polymers.
• Strength: The fabrics made from microfibers are although fine in nature but they have high strength.
• Insulation: Fabrics made from microfibers provide better insulation against wind, rain, and cold.
• Hypoallergenic: Microfibre material is hypoallergenic in nature which means that it is skin-friendly and does not create problems for those suffering from allergies.
• Electrostaticity: Microfibre is non-electrostatic.
• Absorbency: Microfibres are super-absorbent as they can absorb over 7 times their weight in water.
• Moisture regain: Fabrics made from microfiber dries in one-third of the time of ordinary fibers.
• Dyeability: The greater fiber surface area of microfibers results in higher rates of dyeing at lower temperatures, and hence decreased fastness to light, crocking, water, and ozone.
• Appearance retention: Microfibers can retain their shape and appearance for a much longer time compared to normal fabrics.

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