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What is the history and origin of jute?

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Jute as a textile material emerged during the 3,000 BC but it is also believed that jute must have been grown during the Indus Valley Civilization or even before that. Evidence has been found that jute was used as a food product in Ancient Egypt. For about 5,000 years jute has been cultivated on the Indian subcontinent as a textile material.

Jute production has a major contribution in the development of India. Although jute was grown in many areas of Scotland but soon Bengal emerged as a major cultivator of this crop and took over the Scottish production.

Seeing India emerge as a new centre for jute production many Scottish jute producers came to India which was then under the control of Britishers. Jute contributed to the economic growth of the British Empire till the 19th century after which India attained independence.

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