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What is the chemical composition of pina fiber?

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The pineapple leaf contains only 2.5-3.5% fibers. The chemical composition of pineapple leaf fibers -cellulose, pentosan, lignin, fats and waxes and pectin. The pineapple fibers are rich in cellulose. Also, it is the lignin and hemicellulose present in the fiber that helps to bind them together. The pineapple fibers are multicellular lignocellulosic fiber with a non-mesh filament structure.

The bottom surface of pineapple leaves contains most of the fiber. The pineapple fibers are laminated by a hydrophobic waxy layer. It is because of this hydrophobic waxy layer that the process of retting (to increase the moisture content by creating an environment suitable for the growth of bacteria) is not much successful in fiber extraction and thus the fibers are extracted by manual scraping preceded by washing and drying of fibers.

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