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What are the applications of textiles?

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• Apparel: The term apparel is denoted for the textile material intended for the purpose of clothing. This division basically includes innerwear, outerwear, fashion wear, function wear for infants, children, women, and men. The basic apparel categories include pants, shirts, overcoats, jackets, shawls, skirts, t-shirts, shorts, etc. The apparel segment is governed mainly by the fashion industry.

• Home Textiles: Also referred to as domestics, linens, household textiles, or home furnishing textiles. This category covers bed, bath, table and kitchen linens, floor covering, window treatments, and outdoor furnishings. With the emergence of new and innovative products in this category, both natural and synthetic fabrics are employed for their manufacturing. Cotton and cotton/polyester blends are quite breathable fabrics that have been used widely for the production of bed sheets and pillowslips. Also, terry towels have a high capacity to absorb, hold, and dry moisture, along with its ability to withstand laundering and rubbing and have the same composition.

• Industrial Textiles: These fabrics are developed with particular utility. These include filters, conveyor belts, geotextiles, building materials, tyre cords, agriculture, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), synthetic turf, parachute fabrics, medical textiles, and sports. The composition of textiles in this category is intended to be made of rubber, thermoplastics, and other materials that can withstand stress and can bear high tensile strength.

Thus, the textiles segment is not only limited to apparel but finds large applications in industrial and home textiles as well.

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