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Where is sisal fiber produced in the world?

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The global sisal fiber production is around 4.5 million tons every year. In the present time, Brazil is the largest producer of sisal in the world. Sisal is also produced and cultivated in other countries such as Tanzania (34,875 tons/year), Kenya (28,000 tons/year), Madagascar (18,950 tons/year), China (16,500 tons/year), Mexico (12,000 tons/year), Haiti (9,000 tons/year), etc. In East African regions, most of the sisal that is grown is in large plantations and exported, but in Brazil, it is mainly grown by smallholders and used inside the country.

The sisal fiber produced in Brazil is graded as lower quality than the ones produced in East-African regions. The main reason behind this is the usage of less efficient decortication machinery. The weather quality and the drought situation also impacts the quality of sisal fiber.

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