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What is acetate fiber?

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Acetate is a regenerated fiber that was developed after rayon in the United States in the 20th century. The fiber is widely utilised in curtain draperies and upholstery and apparel sector for its drapability, soft hand, lustre, comfort and breathability.

The research on the regenerated fiber started in 1865 were in Pant Schutzenberger experimented with the cellulose acetate which was followed by another experiment carried out by Arthur Eiechengeun and Theodore Becker, German Chemist in 1903 that came up with the fast soluble form of cellulose acetate.

Finally, in 1904 Camille Dreyfus and his younger brother Henri were able to develop cellulose acetate liquor. During the initial years, the acetate was used in the liquor form to glaze the wings of the aeroplane in France and it was in 1918 that spinning method for acetate was developed and thus the long filament strands of acetate fiber were introduced. After which the production of acetate fiber was started by British Celanese Ltd. around the 1920s.

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