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What are the properties of coolmax fabric?

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Coolmax is an engineered polyester hence its properties are much better as compared to normal polyester fiber.

• Physical structure: The Coolmax fibers are oval in shape with grooves running along their surface.
• Lightweight: Coolmax fiber is known to be light weight in nature.
• Skin -friendly: Coolmax fabric is soft on the skin and hence is skin-friendly.
• Moisture wicking: Coolmax fabric wicks moisture away quickly from the skin of the wearer keeping the feet dry, feeling cool and fresh. It also helps in preventing odour, the risk of Athlete’s foot and blisters.
• Breathable: Coolmax fabric is engineered in such a way that it is breathable in nature.
• Durable: Being a synthetic fabric and a type of polyester, it has high durability.
• Dries fast: Coolmax absorbs little fluid and dries relatively quickly because of the capillary action. Coolmax fiber has non- round cross sectional area which increases the evaporation over a wider surface area.
• Coolmax fabric is resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling.
• Coolmax fabric provides light compression and support and is used in those applications which require such features.

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