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Where is cotton produced in the world?

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The leading producers of cotton are India, China and the United States. According to the report published by Statista, India produced about 5.77 million metric tons of cotton in the year 2018-19 followed by 3.99 million and 3.50 million metric tons of cotton were accounted for by the United States and China. The finest cotton in terms of quality is from Australia and Egypt. About 27 million tons of cotton is produced in a year.

The qualities vary mainly in colour and length. Indian cotton is of a light grey in colour while American cotton is generally white as compared to Egyptian cotton which is light cream. In terms of length, most of the cotton grown in India is of length 25.4mm whereas cotton grown in Egypt and America has a length of 63.5mm. In addition, Egyptian cotton is regarded as having the highest lustre. Lastly, cotton is a leading cash crop in the United States. Other major producers of cotton are Pakistan, Brazil and Uzbekistan.

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