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What are the end uses of spandex?

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• Apparel: The elastic property of spandex has made it a popular fabric in the apparel and is used for making foundation garments, hosiery, swimwear, sportswear, socks, gloves, cycling shorts and motion capture suits.
The spandex fabric has the ability to stretch by almost eight times its original size. The fabric is quite frequently used for clothing designed for cyclists and runners as it possesses the property that makes it resistant to wind.

• Home Textiles: Spandex is an emerging fiber in the home textiles sector and is used for making fitted bedsheets, microbeads for pillows, table and chair covering.

• Medical Textiles: Spandex has now replaced latex in the medical sector and is used for making rubber tubing, compression stocking and surgical hose hoses, knee or back braces, diapers and bandages.

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