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What are the end uses of acetate fiber?

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• Apparel: Acetate is widely used in the apparel sector for its soft texture, drapability and lustre. Women’s nightwear, formal wear, coats, blouses, sweaters and scarves are also made using acetate. The fiber is quite breathable and often used as a lining in the garment called ‘taffeta lining’. The soft taffeta lining is generally attached in the woolen jackets and coats which helps the wearer to easily slip on the jacket over other garments providing a lot of ease. The taffeta lining is preferred for lightweight, resistance to shrinkage and moisture absorbency.

• Home Textiles: The acetate is more concentrated towards the upholstery section in the case of home textiles. Curtain, drapery, bed sheets are made using acetate. However, there are certain drawbacks associated with acetate such as low abrasion resistance. It is often seen that the curtains or draperies made of acetate crack on prolonged exposure to sunlight.

• Industrial Textiles: The acetate is largely resorted to the cigarette industry and used for making cigarette filters. Other industrial applications of acetate include surgical products, diapers owing to its high moisture absorbency, spectacles frames, plastic films, umbrella fabric and fiber tip pens as an ink reservoir.

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