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What are the various types of coir fiber?

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The classification of coir fiber is based on two factors, namely, 1. Based on raw material 2. Based on length of coir fiber.

Classification on the basis of raw material:

• Brown Coir: This type of coir is obtained from the husk of ripened or mature coconut and the fibers obtained are highly abrasion resistant and resistant to damage caused by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Brown coir is majorly used for making brushes, floor mats and upholstery paddings owing to their natural colour.
• White Coir: This type of coir is extracted from the husk of an immature coconut (harvested shortly before they ripen). The white coir fibers are soft and less abrasion resistant as compared to brown coir. In addition, the white coir is spun into yarns to make either mats or twisted to make ropes.

Classification on the basis of fiber Length:

• Bristle fibers: The long length coir fibers are called bristle fibers. The fibers with a length of at least 20cm or more fall into this category.
• Mattress fibers: The short length coir fibers are called mattress fibers. These have a length less than 20cm and are quite fine-textured.

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