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What are the properties of milk fabric?

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• Milk fabric is lightweight, soft and white in colour. The fibers are lustrous in appearance, delicate and naturally crimp. The cross-section of fiber is bean-shaped.
• The casein fibers possess a pleasant odour, flexible and comfortable to wear.
• The tensile strength of the milk fiber is lost in the wet condition by 0.6-0.3 g/den. The fibers are quite resilient and wrinkle easily.
• Moisture regain of the fibers is about 16% and the moisture-wicking property is excellent and thus are hygroscopic in nature.
• Casein fiber is warm and provides thermal insulation. The fiber possesses properties such as antibacterial and anti-fungal.
• The milk fibers are often blended with other fibers and impart soft drape ability.
• The dye-uptake of casein fibers is good and is colourfast.
• The laundering of the milk fibers requires attention since the fibers when blended with acrylonitrile polymer should be washed in cold or warm water while 100% milk fibers can be washed in cold water. Casein fibers should not be treated in acidic or alkaline conditions as it may degrade the protein content and neutral detergents must be used.
• Also, the fabric wrinkles easily after washing and thus ironing is required.

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