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What are semi dull and full dull yarns?

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Semi Dull:
Partially oriented yarns which have low lustre as compared to partially oriented bright yarns are used to manufacture semi dull polyester textured yarns. Semi dull partially oriented yarns have more strength and durability. The end use applications of semi dull partially oriented yarns are in the garment and apparel industries for weaving and for doing embroidery works. These semi dull yarns are available in various deniers and filaments.

Full Dull:
Full dull yarns are manufactured from the raw materials which are modified chemically and/or physically to reduce their normal luster. Few of the qualities of full dull yarns are, they have high tenacity, strength and look like cotton fiber. These yarns are of good pendent, soft visual appeal and a strong covering. Full dull type of yarns have various applications in manufacturing apparels, home textiles etc.

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