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What are the properties of rayon?

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Let us now discuss the properties of rayon.

Microscopic Properties:
• Longitudinal Section (L.S.): Rayon has the presence of striations along the length of fiber that is the result of the solidification process used in fiber manufacturing while the surface is quite irregular.
• Cross Section (C.S.): Rayon has an extremely irregular cross-section from round to oval due to tiny grooves. The cross-section of rayon is difficult to control owing to the process of melt spinning which involves coagulation and precipitation of the filaments.

Physical Properties:
• Tenacity: The tenacity of the rayon is lower than the natural cellulosic fibers because the amorphous region in the fibers is greater, as a result, less hydrogen bonds are formed by the loosely arranged polymers. The strength further worsens in the wet state.
• Elongation and Resiliency: Rayon fabric is quite prone to wrinkling and creasing which reflects that the elongation is poor and resiliency is low.
• Density: Rayon is a quite lightweight fabric having a density of about 1.5g/.
• Moisture regain: Rayon has high moisture regain and takes up the moisture quickly. This is because of the presence of a high amorphous region that contributes towards the hygroscopic nature of rayon.
• Thermal Property: Rayon is a flammable fabric that ignites quickly. The heat conductivity is low in the rayon due to the more amorphous region.

Chemical Properties:
• Acids: Dilute acids at cold temperatures do not have much impact on the rayon. However concentrated acids cause fiber disintegration.
• Alkalis: Rayon is not damaged by the alkaline solution.
Organic Solvents: Rayon is highly resistant to organic solvents.

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