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What are the other varieties of rayon?

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There are various types of rayons that are produced globally. A few of them are enlisted below:

• Cuprammonium rayon: The process involved in the manufacturing of cuprammonium rayon uses the raw material like wood pulp and cotton linters. The use of cuprammonium rayon as a textile material started in 1899 however the production of cuprammonium rayon has stopped with the coming of other varieties of rayon.
• High wet modulus rayon (HWM): Also known as modal, this type of rayon is known for its strength and the fiber in wet conditions also does not exhibit a reduction in strength. The HWM rayon has cellulosic raw material and is often used to make underwear and top sheets when blended with cotton and spandex.
• Lyocell: The fiber was first developed and produced by UK-based company Courtaulds fibers in1980s as Tencel which uses wood pulp as the cellulosic raw material. The fiber is known for the production process that involves the use of a non-toxic solvent which is reprocessed thus producing a low impact on the environment. Another property of lyocell is its ability to absorb water quickly.

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