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What is ring frame yarn?

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Ring-spun yarn or ring frame yarn is made by twisting and thinning the fiber strands. Most of the staple fibers are manufactured using ring spinning methods as it is one of the oldest spinning processes. In this spinning process, staple fibers are twisted into yarns and then the yarn is winded onto bobbins for storage. Around a fixed surface yarn loop rotates to get winded onto bobbins. In this type of spinning process, the yarns which are produced are less hairy and glazing in nature.

In the form of roving, the fiber material is supplied in the ring-spinning machine. Then with the help of the drafting unit, the mass of fiber is reduced. Then in concentric helical paths, the fibers lay around each other which enhances the adhesive forces between fibers. Then by rotating the spindle twist is inserted in the yarns and then the yarns are winded on a bobbin. These three processes of roving, twisting and winding all happen continuously and simultaneously. To provide the particular shape of the yarn package i.e. bobbin, there is a controlled up and down movement of the ring. Ring spinning methods can produce a variety of yarns in terms of yarn count.

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