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What are the properties of coir fiber?

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Microscopic Properties:
The coir fiber is multicellular (the fiber contains 30 to 300 or more cells in its total cross-section) and its cross-section is polygonal or round. The husk is the outer layer of the fruit also known as exocarp consisting of a smooth waterproof outer skin (epicarp) and fibrous zone (mesocarp). The mesocarp contains strands of fibrous vascular bundles of coir embedded in a fibrous paranchymatous connective tissue.

Other Properties:
• Length and Diameter: Coir fiber extracted from the outer shell of coconut is short in length ranging from 15-35cm in length and has a diameter of about 12-25 microns.
• Coir is a bast fiber extracted from the coconut husk which is thick and coarse and therefore lends durability and toughness to the fiber. The coir fiber is water-resistant and does not get decayed by saltwater and resists microbial degradation.
• Coir fabric has good insulation property against temperature and sound.
Coconut fabric is resistant to insect infestation and fungi growth and does not get rot.
• Resiliency i.e. the ability to resist creases and fold is excellent in coir fabric.
• Coir fabric remains unaffected to moisture and dampness.
• The process of laundering is quite easy for maintaining the coir fabric.
• The undesirable properties of coir include dimensional instability, flammability which is not suitable for high-temperature application and degradation on exposure to UV light, acids and bases.

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