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What are the environmental impacts of organic wool?

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Organic wool is also known as ‘eco wool’ refers to the wool which is produced without the use of any kind of synthetic chemicals during its processing stages starting from farm to finished wool product. The sheeps used for producing organic wool are grown and fed organically i.e. they are not only produced organically but are also fed on livestock that is organically grown. These animals are also raised under natural and healthy conditions. Hence the quality of wool is much better and finer than the normal wool. The farmers also follow a holistic approach towards the animals.

The land used for grazing these organic animals is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers which contain harmful chemicals. This not only benefits biodiversity but also reduces the negative impacts of synthetic chemicals. The animals are free from any kind of exposure to harmful chemicals. The use of synthetic veterinary medicines is strictly avoided. This makes the animals as well as their immune system healthy naturally and disease-free.

The shearing methods followed are animals are animal-friendly. This makes organic wool highly sustainable. All these processes don’t cause environmental pollution. During the raw wool processing phase, biodegradable cleansing agents are used for cleaning the impurities from wool. Further processes like carding, combing, spinning, dyeing, etc of organic wool are also performed at organically certified mills using organic materials. This reduces chemical usage and makes the whole process environment friendly.

The organic wool certified by GOTS emits 46 percent fewer carbon emissions, uses 70 percent less water resource and 26 percent less energy resource. Around 1.3 tonnes of organic wool is produced all over the world annually. Among this 60 percent of organic wool is used for making apparel products. Organic wool production is not only beneficial for animals but also preserves the environment’s health.

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