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What is wool and its history?

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Wool is a protein fiber obtained from the fleece of sheep or lamb or cashmere goat. However, wool is generally associated with hair obtained from sheep while it also includes speciality fibers from hairs of the camel, alpaca, llama and vicuna.

It is believed that around 8,000 years ago ancient humans started making apparel from wool and the earliest evidence of wool is procured around 4000 BC. The wool fabric emerged in Europe around 4,000 BC. Wool fabric was a textile material of great importance in Roman empire that later gained its popularity in the Middle Ages in areas of central to European regions.

In the beginning of the Renaissance period, the wool production expanded in the entire Europe and by the Colonial Era, Europeans started exporting wool.

After which Australia held the command in the production of wool and still is the largest producer of wool in the world and another country that significantly produces wool is New Zealand.

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