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What are the types of sympatex Fabric?

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SympaTex Technologies have produced four different types of Sympatex fabric which are available in different membrane thickness levels.

• HighH2Out
In comparison to the original product, HighH2Out fabric is 120 percent more breathable. The inner lining of this type is also more absorbent than the original Sympatex. This property allows to wick more moisture from human skin and pass it into the outer environment.

• Reflexion
This type of sympatex fabric is primarily used in cold-weather gear. This material is made from a thin layer of aluminum that is sandwiched between the inner lining and outer layers of the fabric. The main purpose of this aluminum layer is to reflect the heat produced by the body back at the wearer. This helps the wearer to fight back against the effects of cold weather.

• Phaseable
In this material, a layer of small foam dots is present that rest against the wearer’s skin. This material is designed to react dynamically to environmental temperature shifts. In cold temperatures, these dots come closer to each other while when the temperature increases, these dots become further apart. This exposes more of the wearer’s skin to the inner Sympatex fabric and encourages maximum breathability.

• Airflow
This type of sympatex material is designed especially for footwear i.e. shoes. The main feature of this material is that it contains four layers that simultaneously protect the wearer’s feet against water while transferring sweat into the outer environment.

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