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What are the properties of mushroom fabric?

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There are a lot of properties of the mushroom fabric, let’s discuss some of them.

• The fabric made from the mushroom is thin and flexible in nature and is very comfortable to wear.
• Apart from being a natural material, it is non-toxic, gluten and chemical-free in nature because no chemicals are used for its production.
• The mushroom fabric has an organic water repellent property which helps the fabric to be used for athletic wear.
Since it is made from a natural material hence it is breathable in nature and also has a good moisture-retaining property.
• The production process of mushrooms is eco-friendly because no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers are used for its production.
• Clothes made from Mushroom are skin-friendly because the material is having its own antibacterial property. That is the reason why to cure skin diseases, Chinese people use mushrooms in making Chinese medicine.
• Mycelium is carbon negative and can be dyed in a variety of colors like purple, blue, fuchsia etc.
• This organic fiber is biodegradable in nature and is compostable at the end of its life cycle. It also follows a closed-loop model for its production process.
• Production of mushrooms is done on post-consumer waste such as corn cobs, wood chips, straw, etc.
• The wastes which are produced from mushroom fabric manufacturing can be reused as organic crop fertilizer or as a smoking product in beekeeping.
• The waste resulting from the making of mushroom leather can be reused as a smoking product in beekeeping or as organic crop fertilizer.
• The fabric is uniquely customizable and can be made into a variety of textures and patterns. It can also be dyed into a variety of colors.
• Mushroom fiber construction eliminates the steps of spinning, weaving, and sewing garments because the fabric can be stuck into a mold and shaped.

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