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What is coir fiber?

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Coir is a natural cellulosic fiber obtained from the outer husk of coconut fruit and is also referred to as coconut fruit. This fiber is obtained from the coconut palm (Cocos Nucifera Linn) grown in tropical regions. Coir is basically seed hair that is thick and coarse in texture.

The most appropriate soil for the growth of coconut should be rich in alluvial or loam having adequate soil moisture that may be provided through rainfall, percolation of soil moisture, and drainage system alongside the backwater. The atmospheric conditions that are considered to be suitable growth includes saline moisture, light wind with heavy and well-distributed rainfall and high-humidity and moderate climate.

The husk consists of about 30% of textile quality fiber and rest small fibers (Pits) and small fragments (Pith). The green coconuts are harvested for about 6-12 months on the tree to obtain pliable white fibers and dehydrated rigid brown fibers.

Green coconut which is well hydrated gives good quality coir fiber which are whiter, flexible, softer, and easy for chemical processing.

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