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What are the end uses of bamboo fiber?

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Bamboo fabric possesses varied properties and thus finds application in the textile sector. Let us discuss some of them.

• Apparel: In the apparel sector bamboo is extensively used in sweaters, underwear, t-shirt, socks because of its durability and softness. Intimate apparel is made of this fabric because of anti-bacterial properties.
Bamboo fabric for its anti UV property is used in garments made for pregnant women and children

• Medical Textiles: Bamboo fabric is used for making bandages, masks, nurse wears, and sanitary napkins owing to its antibacterial properties.

• Home Textiles: Bamboo fibers are used towels and bathrobes because of excellent moisture absorption capacity. The anti-UV-nature and antibacterial property of bamboo is used for making curtains and television covers. Other home textiles products made of bamboo are blankets, bedsheets, comforters, pillows cover, mattresses, table cloths, sofa slipcovers etc.

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