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What are the end uses of pina fiber?

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• The pina fabric is used to make the popular men’s dress Barong Tagalog and the terno for the women as the traditional attire of the people of the Philippines. Barong Tagalog made of pineapple fibers is the attire worn by the politicians in Philippine.

• The course pina fibers called bastos are mostly used in making ropes, strings, mats and twines.

• Home Textiles: Table cloths/linens, mats, rugs, curtains, upholstery, etc.

• Apparel: The pineapple fabric is also regarded as a luxury textile material and used by the designers to make women’s dresses, men’s shirts and fashion accessories. The fabric is quite sheer and lightweight and thus is a suitable textile material that can be worn easily in the tropical climate.

• Calado is a hand embroidery native to the Philippines and often incorporated in the pina fabric and such garments with their statement traditional embroidery are referred to as pina calado. These fabrics are then dyed with natural dyes extracted from various parts of the tree such as leaves and bark.

• Pinatex: It is an alternative to conventional leather that is made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, PLA and petroleum-based resin.

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