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What is the value of coir fiber in the global market?

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Coir is a natural fiber that is extracted from the outer husk of the matured coconut. Coconut coir, also called coconut fiber, is used in potting compost and for making ropes and matting. It is stiff and coarse in nature. Coir fiber is mainly of two types of white fibers and brown fibers. The extraction process of coir fiber is either done manually or through machines. Coir fiber has a wide application in the upholstery industry, and it is also used as a substitute for processed synthetic rubber. It is also used as fillings in mattresses, automobile seats, sofas, settees, and seating systems.

The global coir fiber market can be segmented on the following basis:
Based on Processing: On the basis of the type of processing, the global coir market is categorized into brown fiber, white fiber, buffering, and bristle coir.
Based on products: On the basis of products, the global coir market is categorized into coir fiber, coir pith, coir yarn, curled coir, and coir ply boards.
Based on application: On the basis of applications, the global coir market is categorized into upholstery mattresses, insulation, erosion control, agriculture, netting, and matting.

In the year 2019, the value of the coco coir market was $369.70 million. In the global coir market, the Asia Pacific region is having the largest share because of the highest production in India and Srilanka. After the Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe also have a dominant share in the global coir market. Around 60% of the total world supply of white coir fiber is produced in the coastal regions of India and around 36% of the total world brown fiber is produced in Sri Lanka.

Some of the leading companies in the global coir market are Firedust, Pilipinas Ecofiber Corporation, Universal Coco Indonesia, Lima Group, Pelemix Ltd., Consarc Pvt Ltd., Bali Coco Fiber, Cocofiber, Coco Green Pvt Ltd., Lanka Coco Products, etc.

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