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What are the properties of sympatex fabric?

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Sympatex fiber is a waterproof fabric technology which is known to be having unique properties. Some of the properties of Sympatex are:

• Waterproof:
Sympatex material is known to be 100% waterproof. The base water column of Sympatex fabric is around 20.000 mm. But in certain laminate layers, it can also go up to 45.000 mm. Hence, compared to other waterproof fabrics, sympatex has better performance.

• Breathability
The RET (resistance to evaporative heat transfer) measurement of sympatex fabric is around 0.5 RET. This implies that the fabric made from sympatex material is highly breathable in nature. This material removes perspiration from the skin in the form of water vapor, supports a pleasant body climate and prevents overheating of the body.

• Windproof
The Sympatex membrane is 100% windproof. Considering the wind resistance capability of sympatex, the material is also windproof. This means that the material avoids the wind chill effect and is also subjective to the feeling of feeling cold in the wind.

• Durability and Wear
The fabric made from sympatex materials has the ability to stretch considerably when compared to other similar waterproof material available in the marketplace. Hence, it is more comfortable to wear and is also highly durable.

• Biocompatible:
Sympatex material is suitable for various types of medical products due to its biocompatibility.

• The sympatex material has excellent protection from viruses, bacteria and other types of bodily fluids like sweat etc.

• The sympatex fabric is resistant to various chemicals and does not get affected when comes in contact with chemicals.

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