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What is organic wool?

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Though wool is a natural fiber, all wool which is produced is not organic. Wool is a natural fiber that has a lot of inherent characteristics that make it renewable and biodegradable. Organic wool is produced using environmentally friendly methods. With respect to conventional wool, organic wool is referred to as that wool which is sourced from healthy sheep who are raised on organic farms. Each country has its own standards of organic wool and there are no worldwide standards for it. The farms which produce organic wool put sheep and the environment first over the high production in order to obtain organic wool fiber. Organic wool includes two types of certification, one for livestock production and the other one for fiber processing.

The production of organic wool is limited as it is not produced widely. This is mainly because farmers are unable to provide the sheep with modern medications and veterinary chemicals. For the production of organic wool, the well-being of sheep is prioritized. The rearing, feeding, transportation, and shelter are properly managed and maintained. The sheep are free from animal stress and any kind of cruel practices are strictly prohibited. A preventive approach is taken for animal diseases to avoid the use of antibiotics, wormers or pesticides. They are allowed to feed and graze on organic land. Sheep are provided with comfortable and large space as well as being allowed to freely follow their natural behavior and routine.

The IWTO (International Wool Textile Organization) has introduced a new organic wool standard that should be met before wool can be called organic. According to the (OTA) Organic Trade Association, there are many factors that determine whether the wool can be certified as organic or not. These factors include management of land, management of livestock, scouring processes, spinning processes and dyeing processes. The main aim of producing organic wool is to minimize pollution and treat the animals fairly.

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