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What are the properties of kenaf fiber?

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• Cellular Structure: The cells that exist in the fiber bundles are cylindrical and measure about 6mm in length. Also, the cellular surface is striated and uneven. The thickness of the lumen is not uniform i.e. the thickness differs are several points in the cell.
• Cross-section: The cross-sectional view of the kenaf fibers show polygonal cells with a thick wall that is lined by a layer of a gummy substance called lignin. While the ends of the fiber appear to be quite blunt and thick.
• Length and diameter: The average length of the bast fiber is 2.6mm but can reach a maximum of 5.0 mm while the diameter of the fiber is about 20 mm.
• Colour and lustre: The kenaf fibers are light yellow to grey in colour and have a moderate to high lustre.
• The kenaf fabric is aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and has a soft feel.
• The strength of kenaf is often compared with the low variety of jute and becomes worse in wet conditions. The breaking strength of the fibers is quite high.
• The kenaf fiber is quite coarse and less pliable in comparison to jute.
• Thermal Properties: The kenaf fibers possess flame retardant properties.
• The kenaf fabrics exhibit excellent sound insulation.
• Antimicrobial Properties: The fibers exhibit resistance to microbes, mildew and rot due to the presence of lignin coating between the layers.
• Dye-uptake: The kenaf fabrics can be easily dyed.
• Laundering and bleaching: The washing and care of kenaf fabric can be done at home. Also, the kenaf fabric can be safely bleached in order to increase the lustre of fiber using hydrogen-peroxide.

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