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What are the end uses of wool?

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Wool finds its application greatly in the sector of apparel and industrial textile because of its properties. Properties of wool-like warmth, resiliency and absorbency make wool a good choice of fabric in the apparel category however the industrial application is dictated by properties such as durability, low heat and electrical conductivity and lastly flame retardancy. Now let’s discuss each end-use more precisely:

• Apparel: Although wool is expensive, prone to shrinkage and moth damage, and requires care in washing and storage however it is used extensively in cold weather to provide warmth by designing garments such as sweaters, hats, gloves, overcoats, etc.

• Industrial Textiles: These include felts which are popular for filtration, medical and geotextiles. Woollen felts are also used to cover piano hammer and used in heavy machinery and speakers to absorb noise.

• Home Textiles: Wool finds usage in rugs and carpets, blankets, upholstery fabrics and even draperies.

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