Weekly Textile PriceWatch Report

We cover price statistics and objective analysis of the market trends on various textile value chains, from energy to feedstock, intermediates, raw material, filaments, fibres and yarns. Broadly, these textile chains are categorised into polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose, cotton, wool, and spun yarns of all kinds from various key markets across the world.

Report Frequency: Weekly

Subscription: Annual Basis

  • Comprehensive coverage of upstream and downstream pricing data across Asia, the US, and Europe
  • Structured tabulation of pricing in terms of spot, FOB, CFR, C&F, futures, buy-sell ideas, contract prices
  • Objective coverage of "what is happening in the markets currently"
  • Analysis of market sentiment, price drivers, and trends
  • Intuitive graphic presentation
  • Price spread and baseline deviation

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Products Covered

Crude oil Light sweet crude, Future Contract 1Cushing, OKFutures
Crude oil West Texas IntermediateCushing, OKSpot
Crude oil BrentIPEFOB
Crude oil OPEC basketMiddle EastFOB
Asian BasketFar EastCFR SPOT
EthyleneNorth East AsiaCFR
EthyleneSouth East AsiaCFR
EthyleneUS GulfDelivered
EthyleneNorth West EuropeCIF
EthyleneNorth West EuropeDelivered
ParaxyleneIndemitsuContract CFR Asia
ParaxyleneExxonContract CFR Asia
MEGChinaBid price
MEGChinaOffers for goods in bonded area
MEGJiangsu & ZhejiangSpot
MEGKorea/TaiwanOffers for cargoes
MEGMEGlobalContract CFR Asia
MEGShellContract CFR Asia
MEGSabicContract CFR Asia
PTAChina MainstreamDiscussion
PTAKoreaBid price
PTAChinaOffers for goods in bonded area
Polyester chip Cationic DyeableEast ChinaOffers
Polyester chip SD filament grade, continous polymerisedEast ChinaOffers
Polyester chip Super bright filament gradeEast ChinaOffers
Polyester chip SD filament grade, continous polymerisedTaiwan/KoreaFOB
Polyester chipEuropeDelivered
Polyester chipUSADelivered
Polyester filament POY, 75/36ShengzeSpot
Polyester filament POY, 75/72ShengzeSpot
Polyester filament POY, 115/108IndiaProducers offer
Polyester filament POY, 130/34IndiaProducers offer
Polyester filament FDY, 50/24ShengzeSpot
Polyester filament FDY, 63/24ShengzeSpot
Polyester filament FDY, 75/36ChangshuSpot
Polyester filament FDY, 150/96ChangshuSpot
Polyester filament FDY, 150/96FujianSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 75/36ShengzeSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 75/48/0KarachiSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 75/72 interShengzeSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 75/144ChangshuSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 150/48 /0KarachiSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 150/288ChangshuSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 300/96 interKarachiSpot
Polyester filament DTY, 300/96/0KarachiSpot
Polyester filament Indl 1000D/192F high stretch, low shrinkChina Main PortFOB
Polyester filament Indl 1000D/192F high stretchShanghaiFOB
Polyester filament Indl 1000D/192F high stretch, low shrinkShanghaiFOB
Polyester filament POY 75DUSADelivered
Polyester filament textured 75DUSADelivered
Polyester filament POY 150DUSADelivered
Polyester filament textured 150DUSADelivered
Polyester filament conventional 1000DUSADelivered
Polyester filament textured 150DEuropeDelivered
Polyester filament conventional 1000DEuropeDelivered
Polyester staple 1.0-1.2DKarachiSpot
Polyester staple 1.4D/38mmJiangsu & ZhejiangSpot
Polyester staple 1.4D/38mmIndiaProducers offer
BenzeneSouth East AsiaFOB
BenzeneUS GulfFOB
CaprolactamEx-East EuropeOffers
CaprolactamChinaProducers offer
CaprolactamFar East/South EastCFR
CaprolactamDSMContract CFR Asia
Nylon chips, bright conventional spinningEast ChinaSpot
Nylon chips SD, high-speed spinningChinaCIF
Nylon chips SD, high-speed spinningChinaSpot
Nylon chips SD, high-speed spinningTaiwanOffers
Nylon 66 wet chips (EPR27)Henan ShemaEx work
Nylon 66 dry chips (FYR27D)Henan ShemaEx work
Nylon filament DTY, 30D/10F SDChinaProducers offer
Nylon filament DTY, 70D/24F SDChinaProducers offer
Nylon filament FDY, 40D/12F FDChinaProducers offer
Nylon filament POY 15DEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament DTY 15DEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament 40D warpknitEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament POY 70DEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament 70D weaving tubeEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament DTY 70D/68FEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament Indl Yarn 840DEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament BCF 1200DEuropeDelivered
Nylon filament DTY 40D hoseiryUSADelivered
Nylon filament 70D weaving tubeUSADelivered
Nylon filament DTY 70D/68FUSADelivered
Nylon filament Indl Yarn 840DUSADelivered
Nylon filament BCF 1200DUSADelivered
PropyleneSouth East AsiaCFR
Propylene Chemical gradeUS GulfDelivered
Propylene Chemical gradeNorth West EuropeCIF
Propylene Chemical gradeNorth West EuropeDelivered
AcrylonitrileUS GulfFOB
Acrylic staple 0.9DIndiaSpot
Acrylic staple 1.2DIndiaSpot
Acrylic staple 1.5DChinaSpot
Acrylic staple 1.5DIndiaSpot
Acrylic staple 1.5DTaiwanSpot
Acrylic staple 3DChinaProducers offer
Acrylic staple 3DIndiaSpot
Cotton pulp staple gradeChinaDelivered
Dissolving pulp, hardwood staple gradeChinaCIF
Dissolving pulp, softwood staple gradeChinaCIF
Viscose staple 1.2D, bright BleachedKharachProducers offer
Viscose staple 1.2D, dullKharachProducers offer
Viscose staple 1.5-2.0D, bright bleachedKharachProducers offer
Viscose staple 1.5-2.0D, dullKharachProducers offer
Viscose staple 1.5D/38mmChinaSpot
Viscose staple 1.5D/38mmKarachiSpot
Viscose filament 100D, brightBhiwandiSpot
Viscose filament 150D, brightChinaSpot
Viscose filament 120D, brightBhiwandiSpot
Viscose filament 150D, brightChinaSpot
Viscose filament 300D, dullChinaSpot
Cotton New York FuturesUSASpot
American PIMA -Col 3, leaf 3, st 44USASpot
American PIMA -Col 3, leaf 3, st 44USASpot
Cotton Cotlook 'A' IndexFar East AsiaCFR
Cotton China Cotton Index (328)ChinaSpot
Cotton Grade 3, staple length 1-1/32Karachi Cotton AssociationSpot
Cotton MCU-5Cotton Association of IndiaSpot
Cotton Shankar-6Cotton Association of IndiaSpot
Bunny/BrahmaCotton Association of IndiaSpot
AWEX EMIAustraliaSpot
AWEX EMINorth AustraliaSpot
AWEX EMISouth AustraliaSpot
AWEX EMIWest AustraliaSpot
18-MicronsSouth AustraliaSpot
22 MicronsSouth AustraliaSpot
23 MicronsSouth AustraliaSpot
26 MicronsSouth AustraliaSpot
Merino CardedSouth AustraliaSpot
Cotton yarn 21sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Cotton Yarn 21/2Jiangsu ShengzeSpot
Cotton Yarn 21/1 carded conePakistanSpot
Cotton yarn 30/1, carded coneFaisalabadSpot
Cotton yarn 30s, combed KnittingBhiwandiSpot
Cotton Yarn 32s, conePakistanSpot
Cotton Yarn 40sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Cotton Yarn 40sBhiwandiSpot
Cotton yarn 40s, combedPakistanSpot
Polyester yarn 21sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Polyester yarn 30sBhiwandiSpot
Polyester yarn 32sXinxiang LiandaSpot
Polyester Yarn 45sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Polyester yarn 50sXinxiang LiandaSpot
Polyester Yarn 60sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Viscose yarn 10sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Viscose yarn 20sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Viscose yarn 30sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Viscose yarn 30sXinxiang LiandaSpot
Viscose yarn 40sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
Viscose yarn 50sJiangsu ShengzeSpot
PV yarn 18/1PakistanSpot
PV yarn 20/1PakistanSpot
PV yarn 20/1IndiaSpot
PV yarn 24/1 BrightPakistanSpot
PV yarn 30/1PakistanSpot
PV yarn 30/1IndiaSpot
PV yarn 40/1PakistanSpot
PV yarn 40/1IndiaSpot
PC yarn 16s 65/35ChinaSpot
PC yarn 21s 65/35ChinaSpot
PC yarn 32s 65/35ChinaSpot
PC yarn 30s 65/35IndiaSpot
PC yarn 45s 65/35ChinaSpot
PC yarn 60s 65/35ChinaSpot

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