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What are the properties of modal?

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The various attributes associated with modal fabric are as follows:

• Modal fabric has a silky hand, lustrous, and shiny appearance. The incident light reflects evenly when it falls on the surface of fabric rendering a lustrous appeal to the fabric.
• The maximum thread count of the modal fabric is about 300 and so it is used to make high-end top sheets.
• Modal is a breathable, tough and highly durable fabric. Additionally, the modal fabric is lightweight as compared to cotton giving the fabric a good drape.
• HWM rayon fiber has a higher tensile strength under wet conditions such as during washing than under dry conditions. While the elongation at break is quite low.
• The fabric has an excellent moisture-wicking property as a result it absorbs sweat and moisture from the body and releases through the surface and that is why the fabric is used widely in the manufacturing of sportswear such as yoga pants. Also, the moisture absorption property of modal is almost 50% more than cotton.
• Modal exhibits excellent resiliency and does not wrinkle. Thus, it does not require ironing very often.
• The dye-uptake of the modal is good and it readily absorbs the dyestuff.
• The static charge build-up is low and so does not clings to the body of the wearer.
• Modal is highly resistant to shrinkage and pilling. Thus, it does not form small broken fiber balls on its surface on washing and maintains the aesthetics of fabric. Also, the dimensional stability of the HMV rayon is quite good.

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