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What is open-end yarn?

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Open-end yarns are made using a spinning process called open-end spinning. It is also known as the carded, break or rotor spinning method. In this spinning process, the roving process is omitted i.e. the silver is directly fed into the rotary beater after the drafting process.

In this process, the silver is directly fed into the machine which is then combed. After this fibers get deposited on the rotor which is then deposited along the groove with the help of air current and centrifugal force. After this, the fibers are twisted from the yarns which are then drawn from the center of the rotor.

In this type of spinning method, there is no need for package rotation to introduce a twist in the yarns. This not only enables the higher speed for twisting but also lowers the power cost required. Hence the production rate of open-end spinning is around 6-8 times more than that of the ring frame spinning method.

Yarns which are manufactured using the process of open-end spinning, are uniform in structure, have lower strength but have good abrasion resistance. They are more extensible, bulkier and absorbent in nature.

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