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What are the properties of sisal fiber?

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• Length: The average length of strands of sisal fibers varies from 80-120 cm in length.
• Cross-section: The cross-section of sisal fiber is not uniform throughout its length. Depending on the location and rainfall, it is either circular or sometimes elliptical.
• Longitudinal shape: The longitudinal shape of the sisal fiber is cylindrical in nature.
• Diameter: The sial fiber has a diameter of 0.2 – 0.4 mm. in diameter.
• Appearance: Sisal fibers are smooth, straight, and yellow in color. The surface of sisal fiber is fairly coarse and inflexible but they are lustrous in appearance.
• Density: Sisal fiber has a real density of 1.45 g/cm3 and an apparent density of 1.20 g/cm3.
• Tensile strength: The tensile strength of sisal fiber is around 400-700 MPa.
• Durability: Sisal fiber is exceptionally durable and has low maintenance with minimal wear and tear.
• Anti-static property: Sisal fibers are anti-static in nature, and do not attract or trap dust particles.
• Moisture Regain: Moisture regain of sisal fiber is 11 % at 65 % relative humidity (RH) and 32 % at 100 % RH. The absorbent property of sisal fibers is very bad as they do not absorb moisture or water easily.
• Dyeability: The fine texture of sisal fibers takes dyes easily and hence can be dyed in a large range of colors.

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