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What are the properties of coffee ground fiber?

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S.Cafe has excellent functions which utilise coffee properties to its maximum. Some properties of S.Cafe is mentioned below:

• Odour Control:
S.Cafe utilises the inherent property of the coffee to absorb odors. Nano-sized microcapsules containing coffee granules are implanted in S.Cafe yarn to impart odour control property. This fabric helps to absorb the odour from our body which is produced throughout the day. Additionally, the coffee granules embedded in the fabric can withstand several washing cycles. S.Cafe sustainable technology exhibits about three times more odour control when compared to cotton as stated by the company on their website.

• Fast Drying:
Another property of S.Cafe fabric is excellent moisture wicking. The fabric easily absorbs moisture from the body and transfers it to the outer surface of the fabric and for faster drying, the moisture spreads across the surface area of the fabric. This property of the fabric is permanent and does not wear out on washing. When compared to other fabric, S.Cafe technology has an improved drying efficiency of about 50%

• UV-protection:
S.Cafe coffee ground has microscopic pores which act as a long-lasting natural and chemical-free shield for yarns or fibers, which reflect the UV rays and impart comfortable outdoor experience. S.Cafe sustainable technology claims to have five-time more UV protection as compared to cotton.

• Ice Cool Touch:
S.Cafe ICE-CAFÉ is another sustainable yarn that has a feature which provides a cooling effect and cools down the temperature of the skin by about 1-2 when compared to other fabrics.

• Eco-friendly:
The S.Cafe turns out to be a sustainable option because of the raw material required for its manufacturing that is coffee grounds and recycled plastic. Thus, utilising the waste in a more efficient way.

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