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What are the environmental impacts of banana fabric?

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• Banana is a biodegradable fiber and does not have any harmful impact on the environment. Since the fibers are extracted from the agricultural waste, they help to decrease the amount of waste collected in the landfill and thus waste from the food industry is turned into the raw material of the textile industry.

• The production process of banana fibers is quite low costs owing to the cheap raw material and the fibers if left unused would degrade on themselves without harming the surrounding. The fabric also exhibits the same property and decomposes easily owing to the cellulosic composition. Also, it has been identified that the banana fibers lose about 21% of their tensile strength in just 3 days when buried in the soil and get disintegrated in the environment quickly.

• Although methods are available to cultivate pesticide and fertilizers free banana crops it is difficult to determine whether the fabric we used for garment construction has a close loop or not. Additionally, cultivation does not require any additional water and land.

• But with the utilization of banana fabrics in the apparel sector would lend a helping hand to the textile sector that is the second most polluting industry and help to build a sustainable environment.

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