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What are the end uses of faux leather?

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Faux leather has a lot of applications and is seen in a lot of consumer goods. Since it is a replica of real leather hence it has similar applications to that of real leather. Let’s discuss some of the application of faux leather:

• Upholstery:
Faux leather has a vast application in upholstery due to its durability and cheap price. Some common applications are furniture coverings, interiors of cars, trains, buses, and other vehicles; rides in amusement parks, convertible tops, boats, office chairs, seats of motorcycles, bicycles, etc. certain types of wall hanging are also made from faux leather.

• Apparel:
Textile and apparel industries use artificial leather in many of their products to cut down the price of real leather. Outwears such as Jackets are nowadays mostly made from synthetic leather. Clothing products like pants, belts, tops, shirts, shorts, hats, coats, costumes are also being produced from synthetic leather.

• Footwear:
Faux leather is highly durable and is available in a variety of colors hence it has a lot of applications in footwear such as shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, athletic footwear, children’s footwear, specialized footwear, etc.

• Accessories:
Many accessories are nowadays from synthetic leather such as briefcases, duffle bags, portfolio cases, travel bags, electronics protective cases, CD/DVD cases, watch bands, smartphone cases, camera cases, etc.

• Other than these applications of faux leather, faux leather is also used for manufacturing bookbinding, notebook covers, car covers, boat covers, storage dust covers, etc. There can be endless products that can be made from synthetic leather.

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