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What are the end uses of mushroom fabric?

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There is a wide variety of products available in the market which are made from mushroom fabric or mycelium. Mushroom leather or mushroom fabric can be used as sustainable materials and it is light-weight and very flexible.

• Apparel: Many sustainable designers like Stella McCartney are using mushroom fabrics in the manufacturing of their clothing just to make people aware that there are many sustainable alternatives to animal leather.

• Accessories: Sturdy leather products such as shoes and handbags are being produced from mushroom fabric to ban animal cruelty and environmental pollution. Designer Stella McCartney collaborated with Bolt Threads to introduce designer handbags in 2018.

• Building materials and bricks: Phill Ross a developer of MycoWorks uses mycelium in manufacturing building materials and bricks substitute and these products are environmentally friendly in nature.

• Furniture: Different types of furniture like stools, sofas, chairs, etc are now made from mushroom wood. This mushroom wood is called “myceliated wood”. Mushroom wood is a great sustainable alternative to wood, plastic, and other materials.

• Packaging materials: Packaging materials manufactured from mushrooms are being used instead of styrofoam packagings to reduce the negative impact of styrofoam. The mushroom packaging material is renewable, biodegradable and compostable.

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