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What is the history and origin of polyester?

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Initially, the research on the ethylene fabric was started by W.H. Carothers in 1926 wherein they identified that alcohol and carboxylic acid when mixed together form a synthetic fiber but the research was paused due to the successful innovation of nylon. However, the research was then picked up by the British scientists- J.R. Whinfield, J.T. Dickson, W.K. Birtwhistle, and C.G. Ritchie in 1939 and by 1941 they were able to develop the ethylene fiber which was then named as terylene.

After which the DuPont Corporation bought the legal rights to manufacture the fiber in 1946 and name the fiber as Dacron and by 1951 the mass production of the fabric began. The polyester fabric was also employed as a parachute fabric during World War II which increased the market for the fabric.

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