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What are the end-uses of sympatex fabric?

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The main use of Sympatex fabric is in outdoor apparel. The outdoor sports require highly value waterproof and breathable garments and shoes. To meet these requirements the best choice is the sympatex fabric. Sympatex fabric offers a product that is simultaneously water-resistant and permeable to perspiration vapor.

• Apparel:
This fabric is used to make linings for winter jackets which will keep the wearer dry, but it will also allow sweat to pass through the membrane. In some cases, it also provides comfort to the wearer by releasing the body heat in cold conditions. It is also used in manufacturing lightweight apparel for long-distance runners. Sympatex fabric is breathable hence it will keep the wearer’s body cool by dispersing the body heat into the surroundings allowing sweat to evaporate through its membrane. It also protects the wearer from sudden rain storms or other unexpected sources of moisture.

• Accessories:
Hiking boots are manufactured using sympatex fabric. These boots are very appropriate for those hiking in wet areas because in wet areas moisture inside the hiker’s boot will create an infection. Boots made from sympatex material will allow the heat to be released into the surroundings and keep the feet protected from mud, rain, and other sources of moisture.

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