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What are the end uses of coir fiber?

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Coir fabric has large application owing to its golden colour, tensile strength and resistance to dampness. These properties are widely utilised when making products made out of coir fabric.

Application of coir is based on the property it possesses.

• Resistance to saltwater: Used for making nets for shellfish harvesting and ropes for marine applications.

• Abrasion Resistance: Coir fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and hence used for making bristly door/floor mats and brushes.

• Geotextiles (Prevent Soil Erosion): Blankets made of coir fabrics are spread on the soil to prevent its erosion. These blankets have high tensile strength and degrade slowly as a result they remain in use for many years.

• Geotextiles composed of coir are durable, absorb water, resist sunlight, facilitate seed germination, and are 100% biodegradable.

• Brown coir is strong and widely used as compared to white coir. Brown coir fiber obtained from ripened coconut is twisted to make several products such as coir mattress, coir cushions, rubberized coir pads, carpet underlays, seat cushions and for insulating drainage pipes. Other uses include sacks, brushes, rugs, sofas, settees and seating system.

• Upholstery: Coir is used in making upholstery as a substitute to rubber. It is used in making automobile seats and other home furnishings.

• Handloom and power loom are used for making coir mats. Latex/rubber is attached at the base of the fabric to ensure that the mats do not slip.

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