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Who are the global caprolactam producers?

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Caprolactam is widely used in the production of textile yarns, textile stiffeners, film coatings, synthetic leather, plastics, plasticizers and others. This increasing demand for Caprolactam in automobiles, consumer goods, electronic and electrical applications has increased its demand in the global market. In terms of volume, the share of nylon 6 fibers segment in the caprolactam market was around 47.3% in 2017. In 2019, the caprolactam market touched around 49.3 billion USD.

Considering the geographical regions, the market of caprolactam is mostly concentrated in Asia-Pacific regions followed by Europe and North-America. This is mainly due to the macroeconomic growth in the textile and automotive industry in the Asia Pacific region which has led to the increased applications of caprolactam. A few of the market players of Caprolactam in the global market are BASF SE, Royal DSM N.V Sinopec, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China Petrochemical Development Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., KuibyshevAzot OJSC, DSM, etc.

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