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What are the end-uses of sisal fiber?

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• Shipping industry: Sisal is used commonly in the shipping industry for making products like mooring small craft, lashing, and handling cargo.

• Industrial purpose: Sisal fiber is also used as the fiber core of the steel wire cables of elevators, because of its lubrication and flexibility purposes.

• Automobile industry: Sisal fiber is used in the automobile industry with fiberglass in composite materials.

• Building materials: Sisal fiber can be used in making construction materials such as cement composites. Due to lower costs, sisal fiber-reinforced cement is used to make products such as tiles, bricks, water tanks, and roofing sheets.

• Fashion Accessories: Sisal fiber is used to manufacture various fashion accessories such as footwear, hats, bags, etc.

• Upholstery: Sisal is also used in manufacturing carpets or in blends with wool and acrylic for a softer hand. The higher-grade sisal fibers are converted into yarns which are used to manufacture carpets.

• Paper industry: The lower grade of sisal fiber has a high content of cellulose and hemicelluloses because of which it is used by the paper industry to manufacture paper.

• Cordage Industry: The medium grade of sisal fiber is used for making ropes, baler, and binder twine. These products are used in various other industries such as marine, agricultural, and general industries.
Other types of products developed from sisal fiber include spa products, cat scratching posts, lumbar support belts, rugs, slippers, cloths, and disc buffers.

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