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What are the end uses of kapok fiber?

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• Apparel: Kapok being a breathable and comfortable fabric is blended with cotton and other natural fibers and used to make outerwear and shirting material.

• Kapok fiber is used as the stuffing for pillows, bedding, upholstery furnishings and some soft toys.

• Owing to excellent buoyancy and air-filled lumen, kapok fiber is also utilized as the buoyant material (such as life preservers) and insulation materials against sound and heat.

• This fabric is particularly suited for jackets, life-saving appliances, aviation suits, and other moisture-resistant clothing.

• Industrial Textiles: Yachts and boats furnishing, insulating materials in refrigeration systems, acoustic insulation, industrial wastewater filtration and removal of spilt oil from water surfaces.

• Kapok is also used as a non-woven material because the kapok can not be woven alone and requires other fibers to form a blend.

• Kapok is an amazing buoyant material owing to the hollow structure which does not allow air to move easily and hence are used to make buoyancy suits that prevents the individuals from drowning in water.

• Kapok is also used to make lifebuoys and belts, waistcoats and naval life-saving equipment.

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