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What are the end uses of polypropylene fiber?

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• Apparel: Thermal innerwear, undergarments, hosiery, children’s wear, swimsuits, sportswear and socks are made using polypropylene fabric. But the fabric is not much popular in the apparel sector since it has certain drawbacks such as hydrophobicity and poor dye uptake and relatively slippery surface. While the fabric has a good moisture wicking property which is utilised for making sportswear but its laundering is difficult which prevents it from washing in hot water as a result the bad odour is difficult to remove. Polypropylene is also extensively used in the nonwoven sector.

• Home Textiles: In the home, polypropylene is used for making carpets, carpets backing, blankets and upholstery fabrics.

• Industrial Textiles: Filters, nets, cords, sailcloth, bags, food labels and packaging, geotextiles, woven sacks, medical and surgical disposals are some of the areas where polypropylene is used. However, polypropylene has emerged as a substance of great importance to other industries and is not much popularly used in the apparel sector.

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