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What are the end-uses of microfiber?

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Microfiber products are extremely soft and do not scratch hence they have many applications in many industries to produce a wide range of products.

• Apparel Industry: The fabric made from microfiber material wicks moisture or perspiration away from the body keeping the wearer cools. Hence are used to produce athletic wear, such as cycling jerseys. Other clothing items include undergarments, bathrobes, jackets, swim trunks, skirts, jackets, and other aquatic apparel.

• Accessories: Microfiber material is lightweight, durable, somewhat water repellent, and can be coated with many finishes such as antibacterial. Hence microfiber material is being used as a substitute to manufacture many accessories such as wallets, handbags, backpacks, book covers, shoes, cell phone cases, and coin purses.

• Cleaning products: Microfiber material can hold up to seven times its own weight in water hence it is used to manufacture cleaning products such as cloths and mops. Because of the split manufacturing process, microfiber cloth can pick up and trap bacteria and dirt from dirty surfaces.

• High-performance filter fabrics: The fine and compact structure of microfiber material exhibits excellent filtration effects in the process of filtering solid or liquid materials.

• Medical applications: The non woven fabrics made from microfiber materials are cost effective, easier to use, more versatile and safer which makes it suitable for manufacturing medical products like hospital surgical drapes and gowns, protective face masks, gloves, surgical packs, and bedding & linens.

• Insulation: Microfiber material is also used for insulation purposes. They are used to produce functional sportswear requirements without additional coating or membranes. They provide protection against wind and weather.

• Other applications: Microfiber material can repel wetting and consequently are difficult to stain. Hence they are used in producing tablecloths, furniture, and car interiors. Other applications include products that need to absorb water and/or attract small particles like making menstrual pads, cloth diaper inserts, body scrubbers, face mitts, whiteboard cleaners, etc.

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